Tempus Talent Management
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Talent Management

Tempus Talent Management ensures that your organisation has the right skills to meet its business objectives. Employee skills and qualifications can be identified instantly so that skilled resources can be deployed to meet the needs of your organisation whenever they are needed. Quickly and easily define a development framework that forms a common structure to act as a guideline for managers and allow you to control and target your training investment.

Tempus Talent Management is a holistic tool that seamlessly links all forms of training, learning, and personal development allowing you to manage and sustain your organisation's capability. Talent development and administration is streamlined and supports busy line managers by providing a simple process administration process and automated alerts prompting managers to complete pending actions. There is an extensive range of reports to quickly identify progress, road-blocks and the status of your organisational capability.

Tempus Talent provides your employees with the tools they need to drive their own personal development through a series of self-directed or targeted training interventions. Learning objectives can be easily defined with necessary due dates, that in turn can be monitored and aligned to competencies that are created to ensure positioned alongside the organisational needs. Action plans detail how the objectives are to be achieved and what learning interventions are available within the organisation or its network to help employees achieve their aims. Plans address the process of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seamlessly when needed, as CPD points can be accumulated, tracked and reported.