Tempus Quality Management
Mitigate vulnerabilities and drive continuous improvement

Quality Management System

The Tempus Quality Management System is designed to provide you with the means to ensure your organisation is focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. It brings about alignment with your organisation's purpose and strategic direction. Tempus QMS is quick to implement and fully customisable to meet your business need. By implementing Tempus, you will be able to adopt a proactive approach to managing the policies and processes within your operation and conform to ISO standards. An enterprise-wide risk register manages and automates audits to eradicate non-conformance, undertake risk assessments and create action plans to mitigate vulnerabilities, thereby driving continuous improvement. Tempus unifies all aspects of your operation into an uninformed approach with the purpose of delivering your products and services to the prescribed standard. Dashboards provide instant, real-time status updates to you and your management team, thereby creating shared ownership and alerting you to emerging trends or incidents, this ready access to accurate data enables informed timely decisions.

With Tempus you can be confident that your training investment is focused on areas of importance so that your personnel receive applicable training in the quality systems requirements and are educated in regard to legal and operational standards that you wish to deploy. Tempus provides a holistic view of the quality process, producing records to evidence that quality system requirements have been met. Risk assessments, audits, incident and case management, impact evaluation, training management, policy, processes and procedures along with compliance tracking are all available through a single interface, providing a complete view of the performance of the quality system. Information is readily available across the organisation and can be integrated with your external supply chain or business partners.

Real-time Holistic View

The Tempus Quality Management System provides the central source of accurate information that makes the ongoing management of your quality system easy and embeds a quality culture of continuous improvement into the mindset of your employees.