Cloud systems
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Cloud based systems

Cloud based systems is an umbrella term that describes on-demand applications accessed by any computer device, (PC, Tablet, Smartphone), which is connected to the internet directly or via an internal network. This method gives users the opportunity to access the content such as e-learning, classroom bookings, appraisals, job profiles, skills assessments and the ability to track results using a plethora of real-time reports whenever and where ever it is convenient. Content is held on a cloud server; it does not matter whether you are a manager, user or administrator you can be assured that you are always accessing the very latest content and information each and every time.

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Timely Intervention has been a full learning solution provider since 1999, we can help you to optimise your budget and save time. We design, tailor and implement cloud based learning and talent systems for learning and training management. Our expert technical team can help build the solution you need, allowing you to focus on business results and performance.

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