Virtual Task Trainers
Accelerate training by as much as 60%

What are they

Imagine being asked to repair an engine, rather than paging through manuals, what if you could view a realistic three-dimensional step by step guide?

Virtual Task Trainers, (VTT's) are used to simulate equipment and machinery in many sectors. Based on a proven framework for instructional design, our VTT solutions support an array of activities, such as; systems orientation, theory of operation and procedure training. This allows learners to familiarise themselves with a task and practice in a safe environment.

Our Virtual Task Trainers can be published in SCORM, be launched and tracked by our Learning Management System and viewed across multiple platforms to maximise accessibility. VTT's have been proven to increase learning by as much as 60%, improve test scores, reduce failure rates and reduce costs.

Interactive 3D simulation training solutions
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